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Dafna Tachover, Esq., MBA

Attorney with Electro Sensitivity, CEO, We Are The Evidence

Tachover is the founder of “We Are The Evidence”, an advocacy organization for the protection of the rights of people who have been injured by wireless technology radiation. She is an attorney in NY and Israel and has a telecommunication background from her service in the IDF as a computers and telecommunications officer . Since she developed Microwave Sickness (Electromagnetic Sensitivity) (“ES”) in 2009, she has been dedicating her work to create change by educating public officials and the public, promoting legislation giving public lectures the topic including lecturing, PR, lobbying, and litigating.

Dafna led a Supreme Court case in Israel to ban Wi-Fi in schools in Israel and replace it with wired networks, a case that led to the first limitations on the use of Wi-Fi in schools worldwide.