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Generation Zapped in the News:


Generation Zapped on RT America - The risks of 5G

RT America, 15/05/2019 - @sabineelgemayel is at 5mins into the interview

The Green Gazette - November/December 2018 - January 2019 Issue

The Green Gazette, 07/11/2018

Hooray for Hollywood Activists Demanding Federal Warnings About Exposure To Radiation From WiFi

activistpost.com, 06/12/2018

Why public health experts are worried about 5G, the next generation of cell network

salon.com, 03/12/2018

Trump’s 5G network raises concerns for public health and the environment

salon.com, 09/11/2018

Generation Zapped on The Richie Allan Show

Podomatic, 09/05/2018

Trump’s 5G Network Raises Concerns for Public Health and the Environment

 Truthout.org, 09/02/2018

Generation Zapped on Main Street Vegan

 Unity.fm, 08/29/2018
Value Walk2

Hollywood Activists Demand A Federal Warning About Exposure To Wireless Radiation From WiFi

 Value Walk, 07/18/2018
NBC Washington3

Generation Zapped looks at the possible Health Risk of phones

 NBC Washington, TV, Washington DC, 02/16/2018

Your Call: What do we know about radiation coming from our pockets?

KAWL, Local Public Radio in San Francisco, 01/24/2018
Epoch Times

The Dark Side of Wireless Technology: New film explores hidden health problems linked to constant connectivity.

The Epoch Times, 01/08/2018

Safety warnings for Cellphones now Mandatory in California.

Alternet, 12/24/2017
Natural News2

Generation Zapped documentary exposes MASSIVE health risks associated with wireless technology.

Natural News, 12/15/2017
Wicked Local2

Wireless Education warns of cell phone health hazards.

Southborough Wicked Local, 12/13/2017
Holding phone

A Call for Screen Protection.

Lynn Wycherly, December 2017

Feeling ‘Zapped?’ New Film Shows How Wireless Technologies May Be to Blame.

Mercola, 09/12/2017

Can your phone cause Cancer or ADHD?

Kim Komando podcast 11/06/2017

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